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(Requires the .NET Runtime)

What is Yammy

Yammy is an app that allows you to decode and view not only yours but other's archived YM conversations.

You don't even need a password!



Yammy 0.9 RC 3 released - Sat, 20 Oct 2007 05:28:26 GMT -

I'd like to announce the release of Yammy 0.9 RC3.

This is a bug fix release. You can view the changes in the changelog.

Yammy 0.9 RC2 Released - Mon, 28 May 2007 18:07:42 GMT -

I'm pleased to announce Yammy 0.9 Release Candidate 2. The list of changes follow:

  1. New, more intuitive UI.
  2. Ability to search through all conversations.
  3. Emoticon support.
  4. Reduced average memory consumption from 20-30mb to less than 3mb (from 0.8 beta).
  5. Moved to .NET 2.0
  6. Different style sheets for printing and viewing.
  7. Translations available: English, Deutsch, Catalan, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Romanian, Portuguese, Polish, Hebrew, French, Persian, Basque, Spanish.

Do download this release and play with it. If you find any bugs, please report them here

Yammy 0.9 UI Preview - Tue, 24 Oct 2006 13:31:18 GMT -

I've been promising a new UI for a long time. Guess what? I'm nearly done. Today I'll introduce some aspects of the new UI.

Yammy 0.9 is different from its predecessors because it does not have its own UI. It borrows its UI from your web browser. Yammy comes with its own tiny webserver and it serves pages to your browser.

Yammy 0.9 will run off your system tray. Double-clicking the icon will display a local page on your webbrowser. You can take a look at what those pages look like here.

Progress Report?

I'm done with the backend. I need to integrate the pages now. I can't predict a release date yet but I'll try to get it out as soon as I can.

Do take a look at the UI Mockups. And do provide feedback. Your feedback is very important in making this a better product.

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