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Getting the source

You can download the source code to various versions from the download page. For those with svn,
svn co https://yammy.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/yammy yammy


Different versions of Yammy were built using different tools. For Yammy 0.4 and lower, you will need a copy of Dev-C++. Yammy 0.5-0.7 were compiled in .NET 1.0 using SharpDevelop. Version 0.9 onwards use Visual C# Express Edition.


Yammy wouldn't be the same if it didn't support multiple languages. Thanks to the translators, Yammy is available in 15 languages (and growing). Would you like to translate Yammy too?

The Translators:

Andrei Virlan (Romanian), Sebastiaan van der Velden (Dutch and Norwegian), Íñigo Goiri (Catalan and Spanish), Aitor Gomez Goiri (Euskera and Spanish), Patrik Johansson (Swedish), Mohd Khairulnizam Hasan (Malay), Prof. Dr. Burak Cayir (Turkish), Sérgio Gomes (Portuguese), Viveka Nathan K (Tamil)
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